Monday, May 29, 2023

Land Of The Creeps Episode 323 : Friday The 13th Parts 1-6 Retrospect


Welcome to LOTC episode 323!! This week is a very special show as the crew is tackling the Friday The 13th Franchise in a 2 part series. This is a subject we tackled many years ago on episode 323. We felt like this was a good time to revisit these films. The crew has changed some since we last did this so it was very exciting to get different views. We have Horror Movie Fan Boy AKA Brian Scott joining us and what is exciting as well is that The Twisted Temptress has never seen this films in their entirety, so she has questions lol. We know that Jason Voorhees and the Franchise has been talked about many times and that it is hard to bring anything new to the table, but hopefully we are able to come at the franchise in a way that will keep you entertained. We want to thank Brian for being on the show and for bring such a huge energy to the show. Links for Brian are below. 
We will be finishing the franchise retrospect on episode 325, so get your calls in for your favorite kills in the franchise, your favorite Jason Voorhees, your favorite final girl in the series and an overall ranking of the Friday The 13th films. You can call now at 1-804-569-5682.
So get your favorite snacks and beverages and turn up the volume to 11!! Take a journey with us through the Land Of The Creeps!!!

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